Keto Plan for February

My plan begins with Epicure menus and planner

Bean sprouts – less than a week to grow

Best time to use fancy serving bowls? Any time!

Salad greens, sprouts, cold meat, cooked egg, corn and dressing. About 4 cups of food followed by hot coffee.

Great way to break our fast.

What’s in your bowl today?

Curious about Epicure? I’ll point you in the right direction.

Have a yummy day.


When life happens

Such great intentions and plans. Follow through is the bigger concern.

The plan:

  • Write it all down – track my daily input
  • reduce the carb intake
  • Share ideas with others

For 3 years I’ve written down my food intake but the fitness planner I was using is finished and so I’m using my traveller’s notebook instead.

Can’t get past the morning log. Why? What has changed?

It’s easily a part of my morning routine. Now to make it more of a meal time routine. You know, if you eat it, write it down.

Next steps:

  1. Keep the book open and on the table
  2. Make finishing the day’s page part of my evening routine
  3. Keep it simple

Sounds easy, right? The 21 days start again.

What are some of your tips and tricks for tracking intake? I’d love to hear.

December 7th

I wonder what I think I can change in the next 21 days? Is it possible to shift my energy? Anything is possible, right?

It’s not a matter of can I but will I? I can do a thing for 1 day. String a few days together and goals become achievable; life changes.

And so it begins. Monday, the day most folks jump in with change. Today is a fast day. Last snack was 10 last night. So, my 16 hours will be done at 2 this afternoon. I’m drinking coffee with a little cream right now.

Festive, right?

Here’s the plan:

  • Bullet proof coffee
  • Green tea with ACV
  • Keto OS
  • Protein shake with greens 2pm
  • Dinner salad with chicken 6 pm
  • camomile tea with ACV
  • Vit. D throughout the day

Could it be any easier?

AM numbers:

  • 206.8 lbs
  • 11.8 mmol
  • 0 ketones

Remember life is not a pass/fail but a journey. See you tomorrow. Doll

Welcome to my Keto Blog

Starting Monday, December 7th I will be posting about my keto life.

Why? My blood sugar numbers are high. My energy level is low. I’m creating a healthier life for myself and for Nick. This blog will help me to remain accountable.

My old dream board – not much has changed in my visioning since then:

Time to create a new vision board, right?

What will I share? Here’s just a few:

  1. my daily food plan
  2. my current stats
  3. my body movements for the day – Fitbit works well

Some days I’ll share how I plan my day, my week, my meals AND what happens when I veer off course.

Want to join me?

Along the way I’ll be sharing books I’ve read/use as well as some great YouTube creators.

*I am not a medical person but share from my experiences. Your results are truly yours and may not mirror mine.